client reviews

We'll get to know each other on our consult call, 
but here's some Katie 101 'til then.

What's it like working with me?
Let's hand it over to the experts...

+ Award-winning bed head.

+ A commercial-grade juicer solely for making margaritas.

+ An insatiable sweet tooth (first priority to donuts.)

+ An Ohio-shaped birthmark that's now covered with a dolphin-shaped tattoo (A questionable choice in 2004. An iconic 80s throwback in 2023.)

+ The tears of my father saved in a jar after telling him I traded my Northwestern D1 field hockey scholarship for a theater degree... *jazz hands*

+ Starring credits in a movie that filmed at a nudist resort.

+ A vibrant passion for living a vegan lifestyle. #VFTA, babayyy.

+ Two highly-spirited, highly-tiring toddlers who are my favorite people on the planet.

+ One highly-incredible husband (my OG favorite-person-on-the-planet.)

+ A strong commitment to cultivating FUCK YES energy.

I'm katie and i have...

well, hello there!